Guidelines COVID-19

New procedures for Little Ones Learning Center as of 6-15-2020 until further notice
Drop off and Pick up
- During drop off and pick up, children will enter and exit the building to each of their respective classrooms through the outside door through the playground; 
- Only one child accepted at a time. We ask that the waiting parents keep a 6 ft distance while waiting to drop off their children;
- No parents / legal guardians allowed inside the facility except in an emergency;
- Parents / legal guardians need to wear a face mask when dropping off and picking up children;
- Staff will screen children’s temperature upon arrival. If temperature is 100.4 degrees or above, the child will not be allowed to remain at the Center;
- Children will wash hands upon arrival, throughout the day and before departure. Teachers will assist as needed;
- Children must leave a pair of shoes at the Center solely for use at the Center. They will put them on when they arrive and remove them when they leave. Shoes worn to the Center should be taken back to the car by the parents.
General Guidelines
- Children will be in maximum groups of 10 children;
- Only staff, children and State Regulatory personnel will be allowed in the Center;
- Only virtual tours will be given to perspective parents;
- Time on playgrounds will be defined by each groups of 10;
- Events for parents are suspended until further notice;
- We want to ensure contactless payment options;
- We highly recommend using Brightwheel app for payments. As an alternative, we can accept cash or checks dropped at the tuition box at the front lobby.
Cleaning and Disinfecting

- Machine washable toys will not be in use;
- The variety/number of toys available for the children will be reduced and will be frequently cleaned/ sanitized;
- Sheets / blankets and water bottles can stay at Little Ones during the week and will be stored in children’s cubbies. They must be taken home for washing at the end of the week;
- Cots will be labelled with the child’s name for their use only;
- Staff members and children will wash hands frequently. Times include upon arrival, after breaks, upon returning from outside, after toileting or assisting a child with toileting, after each diaper change, after contact with bodily fluids or cleaning up spills or objects contaminated with bodily fluids, after cleaning or sanitizing or using any chemical products,  before eating, serving or preparing food or bottles or feeding a child, before and after completing a medical procedure or administering medication, when visibly soiled (must use soap and water), and prior to departure;
- We will encourage staff and children to limit touching their mouth, nose and face;
- All classrooms and restrooms are cleaned daily and more frequently as needed.  All toys are sanitized daily.  Mouthed toys are removed and sanitized before being reintroduced to the classroom;
- Hand sanitizers will be available throughout the facility;
- Cleaning and sanitization of frequently touched surfaces will be performed several times a day;
- A daily schedule of cleaning and disinfecting will be posted in each classroom;
Screening and Illness Requirements
- Children and adults will be screened for fever and contagious symptoms upon entry into the childcare Center consistent with the Minimum Requirements;
- Staff members who demonstrate symptoms of COVID-19 must be tested for the illness and will only return to work after the test result negative;
- Children or adults that test positive for COVID-19 must follow the recommendations of their local health department on when to return to the childcare program;
- When a child shows a fever of 100.4 degrees other contagious symptoms, the child must be removed from the classroom immediately and placed in a safe, secluded area. The parent or guardian must remove the child from Little Ones within one hour;
- Children are not permitted to attend the Center until 24 hours have passed since they have received any fever reducing medications;
- LO will notify enrolled families and staff of a diagnosed case of COVID19 in the program, while still protecting the privacy of the diagnosed individual. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) Requirements;
- All staff members must wear face masks at all time;
- Staff members will wear gloves while serving food and preparing bottles. Gloves will be changed between bottle feedings;
- Staff members will wear gloves while diaper changing;
- Children who are five (5) years of age or under should not wear masks due to increased risks of suffocation and strangulation;
- Parents or authorized pick-ups must be wearing a mask when dropping off and picking up children.