The Mouse That Was

The Mouse That Was is a story of a mouse that lived for months in a little hole below a small tree. When the mouse decided to explore the world little fact he knew that he has no relevance with the animals in the zoo! The short ebook story is all about searching happiness in different places without knowing that happiness is what we have!


Once upon a time, a mouse lived in a small hole below a small tree. He lived alone and never saw any mice for months. Nor he had any mirror. He did not really know what he is and interested to know about him. One day he left the hole and decided to explore the world. He carried a little bag with essential things and reached a nearby zoo.

The little mouse saw four animals in the zoo. The first one was a long necked giraffe, the second one was a huge elephant, the third one was a fierce lion and the fourth one was a wild eagle with broad wings.

He explored and encountered a few experiences with each animal to find who he is. The little mouse tried to capture and copy the activities of lion, elephant, giraffe and eagle! Finally, he understood that he was very unique from the other animals in the zoo and he felt very sad.

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The Mouse That Was

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