Tyrone - The Double Dirty Rotten Cheater

Tyrone is one of the wild and cunning dinosaurs. It is a baby dinosaur but looks like a giant when compared with the size of the dinosaurs live in that area. This is a series of interesting, funny and moral stories for children created in an eBook format. The stories feature the interesting and comical war between the Boland a small dinosaur and the Tyrone, a giant baby dinosaur. While Boland was innocent, Tyrone was very cunning. Tyrone always cheats Boland and offends him. This story featured in Tyrone, the Cheater eBook is all about the attempts of Tyrone ruining the happy picnic planned by Boland and his friends, followed by how Tyrone got trapped by his own act.

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Tyrone - The Double Dirty Rotten Cheater

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